Amped Wireless Extender Setup Wizard

To work online, we require a fast internet speed for online streaming and data transfer. Most of the time, we prefer to use the router for fast internet access and increased broadband width. But, these signals are not able to reach different corners due to certain hindrances. To eliminate the dead zones and increase the speed of the network, we can use the WIFI range extender which extenders the range of WIFI and make the connection available in corners and basements. Amped wireless extender considered to be the best WIFI range extender.

Amped Wireless Extender Setup Wizard  allows you to set up this range extension product and resolve the WIFI connectivity related issues. So, if you want to improve the network connectivity at the different corners of your home, follow Amped Wireless Extender Setup Wizard  and set up the wireless range extender today

Amped Wireless Extender Setup Wizard

If you did not use Amped range extender before, follow this amped wireless smart setup wizard and complete the setup process. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First of all, you need to choose the location where you want to place the wireless range extender.
  • After selecting the location, connect your device with the Amped wireless range extender.

  • Plug in the extender to a power source and then connect it your wireless network.

  • If you are a window user, you will get a prompt Setup Amped Wireless Extender.

  • Now, you have to open the web browser and enter the in an address bar. You can also type in the URL box.

  • Here, you will see the Amped setup dashboard which is displaying the present status of your Amped Range Extender.

  • You have to click on the Scan option to check for the network available to extend.

  • Select your wifi network for extending the range and then tap to next.

  • Complete the home security settings.

  • Check the Range Extender Settings for the extended network. You can use the ID- AMPED_REC10 and then you can select the ‘Clone’ option from your settings menu. This option will copy the SSID Wizard copy of the Home network.

  • Click on the Next Button.

  • Your process to Setup Amped Wireless Extender is now completed and you are all set to access the high-speed internet in the corners of your home as well as the office.

Follow the Amped Wireless Extender Setup Wizard very carefully to avoid hassles in the setup process. If you are unable to set up the range extender, you can contact the experts at any point for help.

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