Asus Router Setup Wizard

The popularity of the Asus Router has been drastically increased in the past few years, the reason is its durability and high-speed performance. Finding the perfect router that meets all the networking requirements was quite difficult but the Asus Router Setup has made it simpler.  This router supports advanced technology and the latest features that fit everyone’s needs. If you want to enjoy the high-speed internet without interruption then you have to complete the Asus Router Setup. Once you will complete the setup process, you will be able to modify and configure the router’s advanced settings as per your need.

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The route setup can be quite confusing and sometimes even creates a very frustrating situation for the users. To avoid the troubles you can go through the following guidelines of Asus Setup Wizard and complete the wireless router setup.

For Asus, 192.168 1.1 Setup Asus is a default management IP address which allows the users to manage their router network settings. For setting up the router, you have to connect to the internet and proceed further with the router login page:

  • On your PC, open a web browser and enter  in the address bar. You can also enter the default login address.

  • The Asus window will appear on your screen. Here, you have to provide the login details for the Asus Wireless Router Setup. For this, you can go through the setup manual of the router.

  • Once you have logged in, you will see the Asus router dashboard on your screen.

  • Now, open the Advanced Settings of your router and after that click on the ‘WAN’ option. You will find this open on the left panel.

  • Proceed further by clicking on the ‘WAN Connection Type’ and enable the WAN, NAT and, UPnP.

  • Enable the ‘WAN DNS Settings’ and ‘WAN IP Settings’.

  • At last, you need to click on the Account Settings. Provide the details of your BroadBand Connection in the given field. Click the Apply button and save the setting. Your Asus Router Setup is now complete.

The aforementioned are some simple and easy steps following which you can complete the Asus Router Wireless Setup. You have to follow the provided instructions very carefully to avoid the hassles in the setup process. All the instructions are very simple and easy to understand. In case, if you face any trouble in the setup process or you have any query or doubt related to the Asus Router Setup, you can contact the router experts for help.  The experts will share all the necessary guidelines to complete the setup. So follow the setup instructions carefully and get ready to take benefits of high-speed internet.

Asus Setup Wizard for Wireless Router Setup