Belkin Range Extender Setup

Belkin Range Extender Setup allows the users to extend the coverage area of their current WIFI Router so that the signals do not become weak or lost. While accessing the internet, users often complain about the weak WIFI signals in areas like the basement. This creates a very frustrating situation for the users, thus it is necessary to set up the WIFI extender device. The device helps in boosting the wifi signals so that user at access the internet anywhere at his space. One of the best wifi extender available in the market is Belkin extender which delivers flawless functioning with great outcomes. Here, we are sharing some easy steps following which you can complete your Belkin Range Extender Setup process and install the extender for high-speed internet connectivity.

Belkin Range Extender Setup

There are few things that you need to take care of for error-free and successful Belkin Setup:

  • Wireless router with ISP.
  • Ethernet cable and Power Source.

  • Belkin Range Extender default gateway http://Belkin.range.

  • Router’s SSID and Password.

Simple and easy steps you can follow for the Belkin Extender Setup:

  • Open the web browser and in the address bar type http://belkin.range. Click on the enter button. If this address is not working, then you can enter, as an alternate address in the address bar.
  • A page will open on your screen. On that page, click the ‘Get Started’ option. Now, you have to wait for some seconds as it will search for the SSID.

  • Locate and choose your network which you wants to extend. Once you are done with it. Tap to the next. If you are unable to find your network in the list for Belkin Extender Setup, then click on the refresh button and wait until the setup gets connected to the network.

  • If prompted, you need to provide your wireless password. After that, tap to the next.

  • If you are using a dual band network and you want to extend the bots them repeat the last step and this one. After that, tap on the next.

  • Now, you need to review Extender Network details. If necessary, you can change or edit the information. Else, tap to the next.

Your Belkin.range setup process is now completed. You will see the network settings on your screen, and can also print the information if you want. By following the aforementioned easy and simple steps you can complete the Belkin setup without any hassle. Extender setup will fix your internet connectivity problem and let you access the high-speed internet at every corner of your home.

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