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Tp-link repeaters are very popular repeaters used to boost up the signal strength of the wireless network. With the help of http //, you can set up the TP-Link repeater and enjoy the error-free and unlimited network coverage. While setting up the TP-Link repeater, always keep in mind that the router and repeater must be kept in the same room during the configuration. Prefer the place the repeater, router, and system in the same room to avoid connectivity errors. Once you are sure that all the devices are present in close proximity, browse http// web address and login to your TP-Link Repeater.

The TP-Link repeater login process is quite easy and simple. With the help of tplinkrepeater net login, a user can easily access the login page. It is a default address for the Tp-Link repeater. Let’s start by following the quick TP link quick setup wizard through which you can set up the repeater for any of your devices.

TP Link Repeater

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Connect your computer to the TP-Link Repeater using an Ethernet cable.

  • Open a web browser on your system and type http // in the address bar and hit the enter button.

  • Now, you will see the login page appearing on your screen.

  • Now, here you have to enter the username and password and tap to continue.

  • Choose the wireless option from the basic wireless settings.

  • Select Radio and after that manual settings.

  • Enter the system’s SSID and Password and save the settings.

The aforementioned  TP link quick setup wizard can help you to set up the TP-Link Repeater: if you need any help, you are always free to take advice from the TP-Link experts whenever you want.

Unable to access the http // page?

If you want to access the http // page., you need to configure the repeater. Sometimes, customers face trouble while accessing the TP-Link repeater webpage. Thus, here we are sharing some simple suggestions to fix the problem.

  • Check all the physical connection of your repeater, make sure it is properly plugged into the power outlet.  Check and make sure that your system is properly connected to the router.

  • If you have installed any firewall program on your system then, disable that program. Some of the devices are restricted to login to the repeater if the firewall is already installed.

If nothing helps you out and you are still unable to login to the http// link, then reset your repeater. This will fix all the issues that you are presently facing with the repeater.  Reset it and then again try to log in. Hopefully, you will be able to complete the process this time.

TP Link Quick Setup Wizard