Linksys Wireless Extender Setup Wizard

Linksys Extender is very popular for amplifying the WIFI signal range coming existing router at home or office.  If you are living in a big house or you have a huge workplace then the main router may not able to provide the WIFI connectivity throughout the area. This limits the scope of accessing the internet. In the areas where the user does not get the WIFI connectivities are blind spots or the dead zones. To remove all these blind spots/dead zones and to provide strong internet access in these areas, Linksys Wireless extender setup is very important.

To setup Linksys wifi extender, a user requires to access the For this, you can just launch the web browser on your system and open the default Linksys WIFI extender login page. Here, a user needs to enter the username and password to log in. After this, you can easily complete the Linksys wireless extender setup process.

However, you need to connect the extender to the router to complete the setup process successfully. In case, you need a Linksys wifi Extender Support, you can contact the experts for help instant online help.

Linksys Extender Setup

How to setup Linksys Wifi extender?

You can Setup Linksys Extender by using the configuration CD and following some manual steps. Configuration CD comes with each Linksys WIFI Extender model and includes the detailed description which can help you to complete the configuration steps. If you don’t have a CD, you can complete the setup process manually by following some simple instructions.

  • Turn on your Linksys WIFI range extender very carefully.
  • Check the wall socket and make sure that there is no damage.

  • Wait until you see the LED lights.

  • Turn on your system.

  • Open the web browser and in the address bar, type and hit the enter button.

  • You will see the extender setup page on your computer screen.

  • Enter the username and password and after that hit the login button.

  • You will see a new pop-up screen.

  • Choose the manual option.

  • Enter the security settings for your Linksys range extender.

So, these are the simple and easy steps following which you can complete the Linksys Extender Setup process. Enter the correct login credentials to avoid the mistakes and follow every step very carefully.  You can also contact the experts for Linksys extender support if you require any help related to the setup process.

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