Netgear Router Setup Wizard

Modern communication is heavily dependent upon the wireless networks, thus it has gained wide popularity in Home and Business Networking.  Wireless Networking offers the benefits of mobility and also eliminates the usage of cables. One can connect the different system easily using the wireless networking and for this, the best option is Netgear Router Setup. For an average person, it might be quite confusing to set up the wireless router. Therefore, here we sharing some simple guidelines for Netgear Router Setup. Follow the instructions very carefully to avoid the mistakes in the setup process.

The following Netgear Setup Wizard will help you to complete the setup and configuration of your Netgear Router. Here are the steps to follow:

Netgear Installation Assistant
  • Unpack your Netgear Router.

  • Take out the router from plastic cover and plug it into the power source. Take a network cable and plug it in your computer.

  • Now, plug in the power chord you got with the router in the back side of your Netgear router. You will a little circle on the backside, there you have to plug it in.

  • Now, take the network cable you got with a router and plug it in the backside of router. Connect the other end of the cable to your PC.

  • Take the network cable from a cable modem or DSL and plug that cable into the read port present on router’s right-hand side.

  • On your computer, open an internet browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or any other and type for Routerlogin Net Setup and hit the enter button.

  • It will direct you to the setup page of the router. If the setup page does not appear, click the F5 button from the keyboard to refresh the page.

  • Windows pop-up will appear on your screen and ask you that ‘Would you like to set up a wireless network’?. Tap to Yes and then Next. Now, you need to follow the onscreen instructions for Netgear Wireless Router Setup.

  • Now, it will search for the wireless network settings and display you the specific type of network connection.

  • Type the Network name, by default it is ‘Netgear’.

  • After that, it will ask you that ‘do want to add security to your wireless network?’, tap to Yes.

  • Select ‘WPA-PSK’ as the wireless security type and tap Next.

  • In the next window, you will be asked to add the New passphrase for the network. Set a strong password.

  • Save the ‘New Network Name’ and ‘Passphrase’.  By default, the username is ‘admin’ and the password is ‘password’. Tap to Yes otherwise, click on No to keep the settings unchanged.

  • Wait for a while till all the settings get updated.

Your Netgear Wireless Router Setup is now complete. You can proceed further and go to the Network Settings of your PC. Click the Netgear’ network to get connected. Submit the password and start using the internet.

Netgear Wireless Router Setup Wizard