TP Link Extender Setup Instructions

TP-Link extender setup is an ultimate way to boost up the speed of WIFI. The slow speed of WIFI can be very frustrating especially when you have some important online task to do. So, if your WIFI signals are not reaching the different corners of your home or office then go for TP-Link extender setup and fix this problem.

With TP-Link wifi extender setup, your router WIFI signals can easily reach each and every corner of your home as well as the office. They are the small devices which user can plug in the power socket and connect to their router. These devices repeat and boost your WIFI signal and provide you a wide range of the network.

You can complete the setup process by following the simple and easy TP-Link extender setup instructions and enjoy the high-speed internet at every corner.

TP-Link Extender Setup

Here are the simple steps to follow to complete the process.

  • First of all, you need to plugin your TP-Link extender in the wall outlet.
  • Now, connect the extender to your computer by using the Ethernet cable.

  • On your computer, open the web browser and enter In the address bar. If it does not work for you, try

  • The TP-Link web page must appear on your screen.

  • Choose ‘Quick Setup’ and the Next.

  • Choose your region and tap on Next.

  • Allow your TP-Link Extender to scan for the WIFI network. The process may take a few minutes depending upon the number of networks around you.

  • From the list, choose your WIFI network and tap on Next.

  • When prompted, enter WIFI password.

  • Choose ‘Copy from the main router’ if you desire for a single bigger WIFI network or ‘Customize’ for creating the different network.

  • Tap to next.

  • Check the network setting once and tap to finish.

By following these simple TP link extender setup instructions you will able to set up the TP-Link extender.  Your TP-Link extender will reboot and allow you to access the internet.

You can test in first through Ethernet cable and then through wireless. According to the TP-Link Extender model you have there might be a light in front which will indicate that whether you are connected to the network or not. You can monitor this light to make sure that a stable connection is maintained.

So, complete the TP-Link Extender Setup process by following the aforementioned instructions and enjoy high-speed internet everywhere at home and office.

Setup TP Link Wifi Extender